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A poster exhibition on History of Science

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A poster exhibition on “History of Science” was inaugurated at the Teacher Resource Centre, VMFT on 7th Feb 2011. About 50 teachers and students from Trivandrum schools attended the event.

The exhibition showed the development of technological tools through human history and the scientific concepts that they embody. Although the modern theoretical framework for many scientific concepts has evolved only recently, it has been built on thousands of years of human experimentation, learning and application. The exhibition has been developed by the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education and offered to VMFT for copying and display.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. E. Krishnan, Chairman of the Textbook Committee on Mathematics who also spoke on the evolution of mathematical sciences. Dr. K. Soman, Director of VMFT welcomed the participants and Mr. A. Suhair, Trustee, VMFT explained the objective of the exhibition as to provoke and support inquiry-based learning in science. It is part of the work that VMFT is doing to build up a Teacher Resource Centre which will provide teachers with the necessary resources to use in the classroom, to move away from rote learning and engage their students in questioning, independent thinking and finding solutions.

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