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With the Union Cabinet announcing its new civil aviation policy relaxing the 5/20 rule for operating international services, the almost grounded Air Kerala plans have begun to soar yet again.

The new policy has cleared the runway for several operators to take off with their maiden international flight, and the fact that Air Kerala joins the list gives new hopes to the people of Kerala.

As per the new civil aviation policy, operators will no longer be required to have a minimum experience of five years in aviation industry to carry out international flight services. This comes as a boon for Kerala’s Air Kerala Project, which was stuck in regulations until now.

Operators are still required to have a fleet of 20 domestic aircraft or 20% of their total aircraft, whichever is higher, and this remains a hurdle for Air Kerala in its path for fund clearances from the government.

The previous budget of the earlier UDF government in the state had allocated Rs.10 crore for the project, which is expected to cost around Rs.80 crore for its initial five-year operations. With the relaxation in aviation policies, the state government is expected to provide additional funds for the project, and it seems like the dream of Keralites to fly west won’t end up as a distant reality.

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