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Josy Joseph, National Security Editor, The Hindu, and author of...

Joseph, one of India’s leading investigative journalists and author of best-selling A Feast of Vulture, a book on the underbelly of Indian politics, spoke on Relevance of Investigative Journalism in a Corporatised Media Context. Joseph, who has brought many scams to public light, has said that ‘paid silence’ is more damaging than ‘paid news’. Read more

VMFT Speeches

Sashi Kumar, veteran journalist and chairman of Media...

On Oct 31, 2016, Sashi Kumar spoke on the Challenges of Ethical Journalism in Contemporary Context. In his passionate speech, Sashi Kumar, founder of Asianet channel, came down heavily on the unethical practices prevalent in journalism today. Emphasising the need to have independent, value-based and public interest media, Sashi Kumar called for adversarial journalism. Read more

VMFT Speeches

Do We Need an Institutional Mechanism to Control the Media? Dr...

  Dr.Sebastian Paul, MP and Social Activist delivered the Vakkom Moulavi Memorial lecture on 7th November 2005. The topic of the lecture was “Do we need an institutional mechanism to control the media?” Dr N.A.Karim, President-Trustee, VMFT welcomed the speaker and the gathering. In his welcome speech Dr. Karim narrated the story of journalism in the early part of 20th century. During the days of Vakkom Moulavi printing and publishing a newspaper was considered to be a social duty with no expectation of a profit. Vakkom Moulavi sold his ancestral property and purchased the printing machinery for the ‘Swadeshabhimani’. He was the managing editor and publisher of Swadeshabhimani. We must remember the fact that the name Swadeshabhimani was given to the paper far before the word ‘Swaraj’ was coined by Gopalakrishna Gokhale. In the very first issue of this paper Vakkom Moulavi made an Oath. ‘We will strive to bring out the problems and difficulties faced by the... Read more


Solidarity Pledge

Title: Solidarity PledgeLocation: Swadeshabhimani Smrithimandapam at PalayamDescription: On the 143rd birth anniversary of Vakkom Moulavi, one of Kerala’s Renaissance leaders and founder of the legendary Swadeshabhimani newspaper, Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust is organising a National Solidarity Pledge at 7.30 am on Wednesday (December 28, 2016) at the Swadeshabhimani Smrithimandapam at Palayam. Deputy Speaker. V Sasi, reading out pledge.Start Time: 7.30Date: 2016-12-28End Time: 8.00 Read more