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Dr. Meena Karim Speaks on Inauguration Programme of Dr.N A Karim Library Section

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        Respected President, the Director on or off dais, and my dear friends. I am greatly honour to be part of this evening function. The honourable speaker of Kerala Assembly  Sree. Sreeramakrishnan inaugurated a little while ago. The Renaissance lecture series to be organised by the Renaissance Study centre which is working under the Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust. The also inaugurated Dr. N A Karim Library Section functioning in the Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust building. The also realised a compilation the “Al Islam” Magazines. There are five volumes in a book form. These magazines were originally published by the great Vakkom Moulavi in the year 1918. I am sure that the renaissance study centre will be able to conduct scholarly lectures for the benefit of students, research scholars and youth. I extended all success to endeavour. The book “Al Islam”. I believe will be a great source of inspiration for all of us to uphold to lofty ideals of secularism, patriotism, peace, love, freedom and education for women for which Moulavi in his life time work stervesily.

Now let me be little personal, I would like to say a few words as doctor N A Karim’s wife in the contest of opening of the Library Section in his name. Dr. Karim Loved books, more than anything else in life. He started collecting books from his college days and the process continued till about a few months before his death. Since he lost his parents very early in life. He completed his studies under care of his elder brother, his elder brother’s wife use to tell me that, whenever he returns home after a journey or trip. He want invariably bring with him a packet continuing books and book only. My husband used to tell me that if there were a few good books to read and a cup of tea in between to drink he could be quite satisfied and that could not ask anything else. When he was teaching English literature in the institution of English of the Kerala University we were living in a small house near Trivandrum British council.  The Chief librarian one Mr. Parathasarathy, he was tamilan at Madras now Chennai was very close to him. He always showed a preference to Dr. Karim whenever new arrival appeared on the book shelf. The well known auto biography of Barton Russell”. The great writer and philosopher of the 20th century. First arrived in the library at that time. The tittle of the book is “Auto Biography of the Barton Russell by Barton Russell” Which itself is interesting.Dr. Karim was the to get the book. He read book, it was in Three Volume. He read the book one siting and written it immediately so that it would be available to others. I can go on telling many such anecdotes. He inspired and encouraged me to read more more books. But I know that if I get one more life I will never be able to attain the doubt and extended of his reading. I am very proud to say here my granddaughter Sithara who is 8th standard student has get a small collection of books, like her grandfather’s. She is very fond of books. My daughter Dr. Faridha and I am very happy to handover there books of Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Library. I know they are safe in hands. This place frequented by lovers of books, is the most suitable place for his books to be kept. We are very grateful to the barriers. Office barriers of Vakkom Moulavi Foundation for receiving these books.

Thank you all.

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