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Journalism students ask for more hands-on writing workshops

By vmft desk

Even in the era of gadgets and mobile journalism, writing is important in communication, especially in journalism.

The feedback of the one-day writing workshop conducted by Swadeshabhimani Media Study Centre on July 22, Saturday, at VMFT shows that journalism students are keen to learn the nuances of writing.

‘Write Better with Sabin Iqbal’ attracted nearly 30 students from various colleges in the city, who were given an introduction to the power of effective writing. Sabin Iqbal, an experienced journalist and writer, showed the students different aspects of journalistic writing.

The students were shown the different intros/leads by Pulitzer-winners. They were then asked to write an intro to a bus accident in which five people were killed. While most of them struggled with packing information with clarity and in order, a few of them wrote decent leads.

In the afternoon session, the students were asked to write a lead for a feature based on the same accident. A couple of them came up with good intros while most of them fumbled at what to write.

They were also asked to rewrite a couple of feature stories published in leading newspapers.

Overall, the workshop was effective even though it was kind of testing the waters.

The following are the suggestion gleaned from their feedback:

• Allot more time for the workshop
• Add more video/pictures
• Continuous classes required
• Include more technical facilities
• It would be really helpful if training will be provided in essay and editorial writing on specific current issues
• Required more classes on regular basis
• To conduct more activities in which all participants can contribute equally
• Allot more time with various topics
• More communicative sessions
• Reading & public-speaking sessions required

The inference is that the students want more training and hands-on workshops of the same nature.

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