Meetings and Seminars

Meetings, Seminars and Discussions

01-03-08 Seminar on “An Effort at Quality Improvement in Teaching” was conducted

26-11-06: “Tsunami Disaster and Mitigation of Damages along Indian Coast Workshop organized by the Kerala State Land resources office in collaboration with the IIT, Chennai. Most of the presentations focused on construction of sea walls as a precautionary measure.

07-11-06: Dr.K.M.Nair delivered the Keynote Address on ‘Degradation of Kerala Rivers by Indiscriminate Sand Mining’ at the Swadeshi Science Congress at Pamba Devaswom College, Parumala.

17-08-06: Keynote address by VMFT Director Dr. K M Nair in the seminar on “Biodiversity and Ecotourism of Pathiramanal- A Seminar” organized by Dr.  S. Chattopadhyaya of CESS.

16-05-06: Keynote address by VMFT Director Dr. K M Nair in the seminar on “An Assemblage Of Kudumbasree Units on Solid Waste Management” Organized by Sradha-an NGO at Muttada Trivandrum.

15-05-06: “Implications of the Results of Assembly Elections” Speakers: – Sri M.A.Baby, Minister for Education, Sri.M.M.Hassan, MLA and Sri K.Raman Pillai. VMFT President Dr.N.A. Karim moderated.

26-12-05   “Inauguration of the 18th National Seminar of the Indian Association of Geomorphologists and three day seminar on Quaternary Paleoclimate” by Dr.K.M.Nair, Director, VMFT at MS University, Tirunelveli. The inaugural session was presided over by the Vice Chancellor of the University.

3-10-05 “Impact of Decentrallized Planningand Development on Socio-Economic life” This Seminar was addressed by Dr. T. M. Thomas Isaac- MLA, Dr. G. Mohan Gopal-Member State Planning Board and Sri C. Gauridasan Nair. Dr. N. A. Karim moderated.

17-8-05Sauhruda Sayahnam” To felicitate Dr N. A. Karim on his attaining the 80th Birth Day. Mr. E. T. Mohammad Basheer, Hon Minister for Education inaugurated the public meeting, presided over by the  Mayor, Trivandrum- Prof. J. Chandra. Dr. Sajitha Bashir, Managing Trustee, VMFT welcomed the gathering. Dr. A. Sukumaran Nair, former Vice Chancellor of MG University, Dr. V. Jayaprakash, PVC, Kerala University, Sri K.E.Mammen, Freedom Fighter, Sri B. R. P. Bhaskar, Veteran Journalist, Sri Gauridasan Nair, Special Correspondent, The Hindu, Sri Kunnukuzhi Manoharan, Kunnukuzhi Ward Member and Sri Kayamkulam Yoonus delivered Felicitation speeches. The prizes for the students declared winners in the elocution competition on 15-2-05 were distributed. Dr. N. A. Karim gracefully responded to the felicitations and good wishes. Dr. K. M. Nair proposed a vote of thanks. Over 75 people and several media representatives attended the ceremony..

15-2-05Education Seminar” to celebrate the 80th Birth day of Dr. N. A. Karim, VMFT’s President Trustee and Elocution competition on “ Whither Higher Education In Kerala” for College students. The Seminar was inaugurated by Prof. M. K. Ramachandran Nair, Vice Chancellor, University of Kerala.  Prof. P. Kevin, Pro Vice Chancellor, Kerala University, Dr. B. Eqbal, Former Vice Chancellor, M. G. University, Adv. Harischandra Prasad and Sri Pirappancode Murali spoke on the occasion.  Prof. A. Sukumaran Nair, Former Vice Chancellor, M.G.University sent a message of felicitation. Students from various colleges in the city participated in the Elocution competition which was held in English and Malayalam.

16-08-04 “Applications of Nano Science & Technology” group discussions lead by Dr. Zahir Bashir, the renowned Polymer Chemist. The participants included experts from RRL and Kerala University.  Organized by VMFT in collaboration with Kerala Academy of Sciences.

29-06-04 “Recommendations of the Kerala state school education commission report” A seminar. Dr. U. R. Ananthamurthy, the Chairman of the Commission presented the salient aspects of the Education Commission Report. Prof. K. M. Bahauddin, Prof. B. Hridayakumari, Dr. N. A. Karim and Prof. O. N. V. Kurup spoke on various aspects of the present education system and the modus operandi to improve the same as contained in the Report.

03-01-04 “Supreme Court Judgment and Protection of Women” The seminar discussed the consequences of the Supreme Court judgment that a woman accused can be arrested even during night without the presence of a woman police officer.  Prof. B. Chandra, Worshipful Mayor of Thiruvananthapuram presided over the seminar.  The main speakers were Mrs. R. Sreelekha, I.P.S, Mrs. Parvathy – a woman activist in Surya TV, Mrs. Lalitha Lenin-Reader, Kerala University, Mrs. Aliamma Vijayan – the renowned women’s rights activist and Mrs. Shyla K. John – all India Mahila Samrakshana Samithi. Advocate Manjeri Sundararaj was the moderator.

22-10-03 “Role of Media on Empowerment of Weaker Sections of the Society” A media seminar.  The well known writer, journalist and social activist Mr. B. R. P. Bhaskar delivered the keynote address.  Mr. Kassim Irikur of Madhyamam Daily, Mr. P Aravindakshan of Malayala Manorama and Mr. N. Balakrishnan of Mathrubhumi spoke on the occasion.

20-03-02 “Godhra and After” VMFT organized a seminar to analyse the Godhra incident and the carnage that followed.  It was quite a lot that possibly the democratically elected Gujarat Government could have been more secular in its approach in handling the situation.

26-02-02Empowerment of Women: Challenges and Responses” A Seminar.

Mrs. Padma Ramachandran, I.A.S., former Chief Secretary and Vice-Chancellor of Baroda University inaugurated the seminar.  Prof. B. Hridayakumari, Dr. M. Indukumari, Smt. Nafeesath Beevi and Dr. Mridula Eapen presented papers in the seminar.

10-10-01  “Can This War Counter The Menace Of Terrorism? ”Seminar.

Mr. Thalekkunnil Bashir (General Secretary, KPCC) Mr. K. Govinda Pillai (Editor, Navayugam), Mr. K. Raman Pillai (Former Head, Dept. of Political Sciences, Kerala University), Mr. C. Gowridasan Nair (Special correspondent, The Hindu), Mr. M. Bashir (Vakkom Moulavi Foundation) participated.  Dr. N. A. Karim was the moderator.

05-2001 “Kerala Elections – Issues and Prospects” A seminar organized against the background of Kerala Elections to discuss the issues involved. Mr. M. A. Baby, Mr. G. Karthikeyan, Mr. K. Raman Pillai, Mr. C. Gowreedasan Nair and Dr. M. Bhaskaran Nair participated

07-04-01 “Impact of Internet in Business and Society” Lecture by Mr. Asif Bahauddin (Sr. IT Architect for Global Services, IBM Inc, Chicago).

24-03-01 “VMFT Building Inauguration” The new building complex of the Trust was inaugurated by Her Excellency Justice Fathima Beevi, the Governor of Tamil Nadu.  Dr. K. N. Raj, Dr. Babu Paul,  Sri T. N. Jayachandran, Architect  G. Sankar and Mr. K. B. A. Hameed made felicitation speeches.  Dr. Sajitha Bashir, Chairperson of the Trust presided over the meeting.

03-03-98 “Foundation Stone Lying” His Excellency Justice Sukhdev Singh Kang, the Governor of Kerala laid the foundation stone for K. M. Bashir Memorial building for housing VMFT in presence of a distinguished audience.

26-04-97Religious Education in the Social Sphere- Vakkom Moulavi’s Perceptions” By Mr. K. K. Abdul Karim & Ms. Jasmin.

02-08-96 “Seethayuddhanantharalokam-Samskarika Prasnamgal – Charcha” Seminar by Dr N.A Karim.

03-09-94 Strengthening Democracy Through Empowerment Of People  Seminar inaugurated by Sri. T. N. Jayachandran I.A.S. (Retd).  Dr. Sajitha Bashir presented a paper on ‘Towards a Modern Concept and Practice of Democracy’. Smt. Padma Ramachandran (former Chief Secretary, Govt. of Kerala), Prof. Umadevi (Dept. of Economics, Kerala University), Mrs. Saradamony (I.M.G, Thiruvananthapuram) and Smt. Shyla K. John made presentations on the topic ‘Women in Politics and Governance’.  Sri K. V. Surendranath, Sri. Kosala Ramadas, Sri. Das and Sri. C. K. Lockose spoke on the topic ‘Working class and political processes. Dr. P. J. Alexander presented a paper on ‘Electoral Reforms in the Context of Empowerment’.  Mr. Prakash Rao (Committee for people’s Empowerment, Delhi) spoke on drawing up a people’s agenda for electoral reforms.

28-07-94 “Religious Fundamentalism” Symposium. Participants were Sri. E. M. S. Namboothiripad, Bishop Dr. Paulos Mar Paulose, Palayam Imam Janab Abdul Gafar Moulavi, Sri. M. M. Hassan M.L.A., Dr. M. K. Muneer M.L.A. and Sri, Cheriyan Philip.  Dr. N.A Karim was the moderator.

09-02-93 “Post Ayodhya India : Challenges & Responses” Keynote address by Prof. Ninan Koshy (Foreign affairs Director of World Council of Churches, Visiting Fellow, Law School, Harvard University and author of several books).

04-09-92 “Co-ordinated Strategy to Combat Communal Violence” Discussion. Sri. T. N. Jayachandran I.A.S. (Secretary. Higher Education), Sri. G. Karthikeyan M.L.A., Dr. N. A. Karim, Sri. Madhavankutty (Resident Editor, Indian Express) and Sri Cheriyan Philip participated.

16-01-92 “The Demise of the Soviet Union: Causes and Consequences” Discussion. Sri. E. M. S. Namboothiripad, Dr. K. N. Raj and Sri. C. K. Chandrappan M.L.A. was the participants.  Dr. N. A. Karim presided.

15-05-91 “Industrial Development in Kerala” Meeting. Dr. P. Mohanan Pillai (Associate Fellow, CDS) delivered the keynotes address.  Dr. D. Babu Paul I.A.S. (Commissioner & Secretary, Housing & Tourism, Govt. of Kerala) inaugurated the meeting and Dr. K. K. Subrahmaniam (Fellow CDS) presided.  Dr. N. A. Karim welcomed the speakers and the gathering.

10-12-90 Energy Options For Kerala” Meeting Prof. N. Balakrishnan Nair (Chairman, State Committee on Science, Technology and Environment) inaugurated the meeting.  Sri. P. K. Sivanandan I.A.S. (Secretary, Govt. of Kerala) presided. Prof. R. V. G. Menon, Prof. V. K. Damodaran and Dr. G. Pavithran presented stimulating insights. Dr. N. A. Karim welcomed the guests.

26-09-90 “Gulf Crisis–National and International Repercussions” Lecture Sri P. K. Vasudevan Nair, former Chief Minister, Kerala, delivered the address. Dr. N. A. Karim Presided.

29-01-90 “Conservation in China – Comparisons with Other Countries in AsiaLecture, Mr. Christopher Elliot (Conservation Officer, China Programme Coordinator, World Wide Fund Nature, Geneva) gave an informative lecture. Sri. A. P. Udayabhanu (Chairperson, World Wide Fund, and Kerala) presided.

21-07-89 “Release Of The Book ‘Sahitya Patanangal” The book on literary criticism by Sri. P. S. Habeeb Mohammed I.A.S., Member of   Central Administrative Tribunal and former Vice Chancellor of Kerala University was released in a function presided by Padmasree K. M. George.  A copy of the book was received by Sri. T.N. Jayachandran I.A.S. (Secretary and Commissioner for Higher Education and former Vice Chancellor of Calicut University). Dr. K. Ayyappa Panicker, Sri. T. N. Jayachandran and Sri. P.S. Habeeb Mohammed spoke on the occasion. Sri. M. Eesa proposed vote of thanks.

04-03-1989 “Sri. M. Govindan Commemoration Meeting” Dr. K. Ayyappa Panicker and Sri. P.K. Balakrishnan made speeches bringing out the unusual personality of Sri. M. Govindan, the versatile genius in Malayalam literature.

06-01-1989 “My Impressions of China” Dr. K. T. Chandy shared his experiences and impressions gained during his visit to China. Sri. T. M. Savankutty Sahib (former Chairman, Kerala Public Service Commission) presided.

18-10-88 Kerala’s Shrinking Plans and Centre-State Relations” Lecture

Dr. K. K. George (Professor, School of Management, Cochin University) presented the topic. Dr. M. A. Oommen (Professor, Institute of Management in Government, Thiruvananthapuram) presided.

20-08-88 “Socialist Renovation in Soviet Union-Glasnost and Perestroika” Lecture
Sri. C. Unniraja lucidly explained the recent transformations in the U.S.S.R. Dr. N. A. Karim presided

15-04-88 Technology and Society” Lecture Dr. M. P. Parameswaran spoke on the impact of technology on society.  Sri S. Peer Mohammed presided.

25-03-88 “The Writings of Vakkom Moulavi” Talk Sri Mohammed Abda gave a talk on the writings of Vakkom Moulavi. Sri S. Kamaluddin (Joint Development Commissioner) presided.

18-03-88: “Prime Movers in the Development Process of Kerala” Lecture.

Sri. P. K. Michael Tharakan, Senior Fellow, Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram gave an illuminating lecture on the subject. Dr. A. N. P. Ummerkutty presides.

14-11-87 “Nehru Legacy” Symposium. Sri. A. K. Antony M.P (President KPCC) inaugurated the symposium.  Prof. Sukumar Azhikode (former Pro Vice Chancellor, Calicut University) delivered the presidential address. Dr. Gopalakrishnan, Sri K. GovindaPillai and Dr. N.A Karim presented different aspects of the topics.

New Education Policy and Navodaya Vidyalaya   Seminar Sri K. Chandrasekharan (former Hon. Minister for Education, Kerala) inaugurated the seminar. Prof. Samuel Mathai (former Pro Vice Chancellor, Kerala University) presided. Dr. N. A. Karim (former Pro Vice Chancellor, Kerala University) made a presentation on the topic. Dr. A. Sukumaran Nair (Pro Vice Chancellor, Kerala University), Dr. P. T. Chandi (former Vice Chancellor), Dr. P. K. Gopalakrishnan and Sri P.T Bhaskara Panicker were the key speakers in the general meeting held in the evening.   Dr. A. N. P. Ummerkutty welcomed the gathering. Prof. K. A. Jaleel (former Vice Chancellor, Calicut University) presided.  Prof. S. Gupthan Nair, Sri. K. V. SurendraNath M.L.A and Prof. Nabeesa Ummal were the speakers.  Sri. A. A. Karim proposed vote of thanks.

25-07-87The Formation of Janmi System in Kerala” Dr. Rajan Gurukkal.

Sri P. K. Balakrishnan (the eminent writer) presided.

“Secularism and Communalism, an Emerging Perspective” SeminarSri N. P. Mohammed (noted Malayalam writer) presented the keynote address.Dr. V. K. Sukumaran Nair (Former Vice chancellor, Kerala University) presided. Sri. P. P. Ummarkoya, Prof J. V. Vilanilam, Sri A. Shahul Hamed and Sri A. K. Ramakrishnan presented papers. Dr. A. N. P. Ummerkutty welcomed the participants. Sri K. M. Seethy proposed vote of thanks.

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