Memorial Lectures


  • Vakkom Moulavi Anusmaranam was held on 31 October 2009 at VMFT. Welcome speech was delivered by Shri. Kayamkulam Yunus & Remembering Vakkom Moulavi a speech by Dr. N. A. Karim, Memorial lecture by Shri. B. R. P. Bhaskar Vote of thanks Dr. K. Soman.
  • 29-11-06Ever Growing Media Culture and Social Changes”. Vakkom Moulavi Memorial Lecture 2006- Delivered by Prof. G. Balamohan Thampi, Former Vice Chancellor of Kerala University. The lecture highlighted the effects of the media being owned by profit motivated corporate bodies as compared to the Newspapers like Swadeshabhimani founded by Vakkom Moulavi.
  • 7-11-05 “Do Our Media Need An Institutional Control System” Vakkom Moulavi Memorial Lecture 2005 delivered by Dr. Sebastian Paul M.P.  The lecture highlighted the fact externally enforced censorship of print and electronic media is highly deleterious to a democratic system. At the same time it is necessary that an internal and self imposed mechanism has to be devised for overseeing the media activities and keeping them under certain limitations appropriate for a civilized society.
  • 11-10-04CONFLICTS IN THE KERALA SOCIETY IN THE 19th CENTURY” Vakkom Moulavi Memorial Lecture of 2004 Lecture delivered by Dr. M. G. S. Narayanan, noted historian and former Chairman, I.C.H.R.  The speaker traced the origin and evolution of the renaissance movements of the period 1850-1950.
  • 22-10-03 “Role of Newspapers in Kerala Renaissance” Vakkom Moulavi Memorial Lecture. Delivered by Shri. P. Govinda Pillai, the well-known writer and journalist.  He compared the journalism styles during the renaissance period and now and advocated for a middle path for journalism.
  • 31-10-92 “Growth Of Higher Education In The Post-Independence Period And Minorities” Vakkom Moulavi Memorial Lecture and Commemorative Meeting. Memorial Lecture by Mr. K. P. Mammootty (Director, L.B.S. Centre for science & technology, Thiruvananthapuram.).  Commemorative reference by Mahakavi Sri M. P. Appan.
  • 31-10-91 “Socio-Economic Backwardness Of Minorities In India” Vakkom Moulavi Memorial Lecture and Commemorative Meeting. Memorial Lecture delivered by Dr. C. A. Abdussalam (former Pro Vice Chancellor, Cochin University and Special Private Secretary to the Hon. Education Minister). Dr. N. A. Karim presided.


  • 16-4-08-XIIth KM Bashir Memorial Lecture by Mr. Prakash Karat. Topic- “The Role of The Left In Developing An Alternative In The Current Situation”. The speaker emphasized the need for a 3rd political friend as a viable alternative to the two main national friends. He highlighted the benefits the country would get from the formation of a 3rd front.
  • 11-8-06 “Development In The Era Of Globalisation” K. M. Bashir Memorial Lecture delivered by Prof. Prabhat Patnaik, Vice Chairman, State Planning Board. The lecture emphasized the need for an equitable distribution of the results of development so that the people in the socio-economically disadvantaged sector would be benefited. Statistics on GDP and price indices can often be misleading in this respect.
  • 9-5-05 “Turning Away The Begging Bowl: Examining India Continuing To Receive Development Assistance”.  K. M. Bashir Memorial Lecture 2005, delivered by Dr. Mohan Gopal, Member, State Planning Board, The lecture highlighted the fact that India need not accept international assistance for development. On the contrary, India has reached a stage that enables her to extend help to other developing countries.
  • 16-04-04 “Kerala’s Development Challenges In A Globalising WORLD” K. M. Bashir Memorial Lecture. By Dr. K. P. Kannan, Director, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum.  The speaker concluded that globalization is a fact to reckon with and Kerala should strive to cope up with it which will be enormously advantageous to the State.
  • 09-04-03 “Judiciary and Half A Century Of Indian Democracy” K. M. Bashir Memorial Lecture. By Padmasree Dr. N. R. Madhava Menon, Vice-Chancellor, West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences.  Dr. Menon, tracing the evolution of Indian judiciary and its relationship with the legislature and executive highlighted the point that India – probably the most liberal democracy in the world – will remain secular.  Even parliament cannot amend the secular nature of this country.
  • 27-07-01 “Whither Indian Education” Sixth K. M. Bashir Memorial Lecture by
    Dr. K. N. Panicker, Vice chancellor, Sri Sankara University, Kalady.
  • 26-08-95Economic Reforms-What Next?” K. M. Bashir Memorial Lecture by Dr. C. T. Kurien (the eminent Economist).
  • 10-05-94 “Higher Education And Human Resource Development With Particular Reference to Science And Technology”Fourth K. M. Bashir Memorial Lecture by Prof. P. K. Iyengar (Chairman, Science and Technology, Environment and former Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission).
  • 22-05-93 “Secularism: A Historical Perspective” Third K. M. Bashir Memorial Lecture by Dr. Sarvepally Gopal.
  • 14-03-92Secularism in India” Second K. M. Bashir Memorial Lecture and Commemorative Meeting. Lecture delivered by Sri. Salman Khurshid, the Hon. Union Minister.  Sri Thalekkunnil Bashir (Ex MP) presided over the function. Sri. C. V. Padmarajan (Hon. Minister for Electricity), Haji K.B.A. Hameed I.A.S. (Retd) and Prof. V. K. Damodaran (Director, Science and technology department, Kerala) made the commemorative references.  Sri. T. N. Jayachandran I.A.S. (Secretary, Higher Education) released the single volume edition of ‘Deepika’ of Vakkom Moulavi brought out by the VMFT presenting a copy to Haji S. Syed Khan, President Muslim Association, Thiruvananthapuram. Sri. Peer Mohammed (President M.E.S. Thiruvananthapuram) presented the K. M. Bashir Memorial Award to the first rank holders in (Statistics) of Kerala University for the academic year 1991-1992.
  • 01-03-91 “The U.N.O and the Gulf Crisis” First K. M. Bashir Memorial Lecture and Commemorative Meeting. Lecture by Sri. K. Mohanan (Ex MP & Chairman, Kerala Press Academy).  Commemorative speeches delivered by Dr. N. A. Karim, Dr. N. T. Mathew, Dr. P. K. Mohan and Dr. V.K. Damodaran.


  • 6the July – 08.  Er. G. Radhakrishna Pillai Memorial Lecture: Topic, “Sustainable Energy Scenario for Kerala”. Lecture delivered by Prof. R. V. G. Menon.  ~ Forty people attended the lecture. The lecture was followed by a lively session of interaction and discussion. This was the only program conducted by VMFT outside of the TRC during 2007
  • 6-7-06Empowering People with Energy From Distributed Sources–Need For A Paradigm Shift In Planning Electric Power” Er. G. Radhakrishna Pillai Memorial Lecture by Prof. V. K. Damodaran, UNIDO Expert. The need to generate electricity from non-conventional sources was emphasised by the speaker
  • 06-07-04 “Electricity Distribution Network–A Goldmine of Opportunities in the Internet Era” Er. G. Radhakrishna Pillai Memorial Lecture. Delivered by Er. N. T. Nair, Vice President (R&D), CMS Computers Ltd.  The immense potential of the electricity transmission network in the field of Internet services were highlighted by the speaker.
  • 06-07-03 “Power Sector Reforms” Er. G. Radhakrishna Pillai Memorial Lecture. By Mr. M. K. G. Pillai, Chairman, Electricity Regulatory Authority, Kerala.  He allayed the fears in certain quarters about the trifurcation (generation, transmission and distribution) of the power utility and said these reforms will only enhance the efficiency of the system.

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