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Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust (VMFT), founded by the late KM Bashir of International Labour Office in Geneva as a public charitable Trust in March 1986, has completed three decades of service to the Kerala society.

During this period, VMFT has organised a number of meetings and seminars on topics of concern to the people of Kerala. It has undertaken several projects on education, social development and science & technology funded by reputed agencies and governments.

The VMFT has steadfastly stood for the values and ideals of Vakkom Moulavi as well as its founder to promote democratic rights, ethics in public life and social cohesion. It has earned itself a reputation as an intellectual centre in Trivandrum, attracting people from all walks of life.

Besides promoting research and studies on the life and time of Vakkom Moulavi, the VMFT has chosen three core areas: a) Education and Lifelong Learning, b) Science and Technology applications for sustainable development, and c) Governance and equitable inclusive development.

In the silver jubilee year of 2012, VMFT instituted Professor NA Karim Award for Outstanding Public Service—Rs 100,000, memento and citation—to encourage young people in the nation-building process.

VMFT has recently started two centres of learning: Vakkom Moulavi Renaissance Study Centre and Swadeshabhimani Media Study Centre, the two focal areas treaded by Vakkom Moulavi. It remains a fact that no renaissance leader of his time had chosen journalism as a tool for socio-religious change.

The website (www.vmft.org) is modified to keep you abreast of the activities under the parent organisation (VMFT) and the two study centres. The new site is three-in-one with separate menu bars, and you need to click the button at the top to choose the one you wish to navigate.

Gone are the days of pontification. The new website of VMFT will use the latest multimedia narrative tools to make it as light and smooth as possible. We use text, pictures and videos to make the narrative less monotonous.

We also would love to hear from you as we move on.

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