The Trust is intended to be a lasting memorial to VAKKOM ABDUL KHADER MOULAVI for his invaluable services to the community and patriotic sacrifices for securing democratic rights and social justice for all people. The Trust is dedicated to promoting all round progress – social, economic, intellectual, scientific, cultural and spiritual of the people.

In furtherance of these objectives, the Trust aims to:

  • Establish a library for studies, research and reference.
  • Organise study classes , seminars, symposia etc. and disseminate knowledge and information.
  • Promote understanding and harmony among people of different religions and faiths.
  • Analyse and understand the role of cultural and ethical values, social attitude and character of the people I the economic development process.
  • Evaluate programs and plans for eradicating unemployment and poverty.
  • Focus attention on the impact of science and technology on the mode of life of the people and on social change.
  • Undertake specific research programs, project studies, surveys etc. Undertake pilot programs of rural development.
  • Co-operate with Governments, Universities and other centres of learning, local bodies, quasi-government agencies and other institutions and associations in their socio-economic development programs devoted to the removal of poverty and unemployment.
  • Institute awards and fellowships in recognition of merit or for encouraging talent.
  • Set up endowments by itself or undertake the management and administration of endowments at the instance of individuals or institutions or take over existing endowments providing scholarships, fellowship etc., for education or research, social development, welfare activities etc.
  • Establish subsidiary or associate institutions such as Vocational Training Centres, Printing and publishing establishments, Computer Systems, Health Care Centres, Schools etc.
  • Institute an endowment in the name of Vakkom Moulavi for arranging Annual Memorial Lectures.
  • Publish or help to publish works of and on Vakkom Moulavi and also works of other eminent personalities.
  • Publish a journal highlighting the activities of the Foundation.
  • To undertake all things that are necessary in furtherance of the aims and objects of the Foundation.

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