Completed Projects

1. Strengthening and Expanding a Program on Professional Development of High School Teachers (2008-2011)

This project aimed to contribute to the professional development of High School Teachers in Kerala, to introduce teachers and schools to new technologies, and to create a storehouse of educational materials, teaching aids and reference materials for schools and teachers with the support provided by Resource Persons.   Special emphasis was given to Mathematics and English teaching under the project with the help of experienced faculty from National and International institutions. The Project Director was Dr. K. Soman and Chief Resource Person was Dr. O. G. Sajitha. The project was implemented with major funding from Sir Ratan Tata Trust.

2. Innovative Programme for Professional Development of High School Teachers (2007-2008)

The main objective of the project  was to change the classroom practice of teachers to move towards inquiry – based methods of learning and improve student motivation and learning in science and other subjects and to provide a stock of teaching – learning resources to support this change. The project director was Dr. K.M. Nair and Facilitiator was Ms.P.T.Valsa, Addl.DPI (Retd).

3. Tectonic and Hydrologic control on late Pleistocene-Holocene land forms Paleo forest and non forest vegetation; southern Kerala

The project aimed at clarifying the role of tectonics in moulding the landforms and forest and  non forest vegetation in SKSB and adjacent terrain. It has been proved undoubtedly that the entire terrain west of the Sahyadri was thickly forested during the Holocene climatic optimum-9000 to 5000 years before present (9-5kybp). The Principal investigator of the project was Dr. K.M. Nair. Co-investigators were Dr. K.P.N. Kumaran, Agharkar Research Institute Pune and Dr.D.Padmalal, Centre for Earth Science Studies, Trivandrum. It was a project done at Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust & the Report was submitted to Kerala State Council for Science Technology & Environment on July 2009

4. Late Quaternary Environmental Changes in the coastal plains of southern Kerala, southwest India

The project aimed at studying whether the sedimentary basin of South Kerala was potential for variable environmental action of marine and fresh waters during the deposition and how far the spore pollen and other micro fossil data could be used to discriminate episodes of ecological shifts. One such shift was recognized with in a frame where the results contain Paleoclimatic signature. The Principal investigator of the project was Dr. K.P.N. Kumaran, Agharkar Research institute, Pune. Co investigators are Dr. D. Padmalal, Centre for Earth Science Studies, Trivandrum and Dr. K.M. Nair Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust. It was submitted to the Council of scientific & Industrial Research, New Delhi during 2007-2008.

5. Effect of Holocene climatic and sea level changes on ecology, vegetation and landforms in coastal Kerala.

The objectives were establishing the history of rainfall during the Holocene including period of abnormally high and normal rainfall periods of reduced rainfall or drought or aridity. Synthesisng data from all available sources including those generated under the project established the depositional environments and their changes in time in the Kollam – Kodungallor stretch of coastal plains. The Principal investigator  was Dr. K.M. Nair, Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust. Co-investigators was K.P.Kumaran, Agharkar Research Institute, Pune. The report was submitted to Kerala State Council for Science Technology & Environment on 2006

6. Constraints on women entrepreneurship development in Kerala

The main objective of the study was to identify some of the key family, social and psychological factors that promote/inhibit entrepreneurship among women. It was intended as an exploratory one. The project was done by Nirmala Karuna D’Cruz under Kerala Research Programme on Local Level Development (KRPLLD), Funded by CDS, in the year 2001.

7. Annotated Bibliography of popular science books in Malayalam. (1951-1994)   (Three volumes)

The aim of the project was to collect information on popular literature in the form of books and encyclopedias that have helped in disseminating, information about science and technology and in creating awareness about progress of science amongst the Malayalam reading population in the country.  It was sponsored by National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC), Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India in the year 1998. The Principal Investigator was Prof. V.K. Damodaran.

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