Training Programmes

  •  24-11-05: “Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection” Presentation of project reports and competition in painting and elocution for high school students organized by Energy Conservation Society, Energy Management Centre (Government of Kerala) and VMFT.  These attempts are aimed at inculcating in the young minds a spirit of Environmental conservation and avoiding energy waste on all fronts. Prizes were distributed to the best presentations, projects and drawings.
  • 23&24-7-05: Foundation Training Course in Chemistry for Higher Secondary School Students & Teachers. Dr Zahir Bashir and Prof. Hisham Abdul Khader were the main resource persons. Thirty students and three teachers attended.
  • 31-07-04 & 01-08-04: “Foundation Course in Chemistry” for High school teachers and students” by Dr. Z. Bashir and Dr. Hisham Abdul Khader.
  • 25-03-04: “Regional Workshop On Industrial Energy Conservation” Organized by Energy Conservation Society (ECS) in collaboration with VMFT, Petroleum conservation Research Association (PCRA), Energy Management Centre (EMC) and Dept. of Industries & Commerce, Govt. of Kerala. Sri. Babu Divakaran, the Hon’ble Minister for Labour, Govt. Of Kerala inaugurated the workshop.  A number of professionals from various organizations attended.  The Hon’ble Minister, in his inaugural address, referring to the good work being done by ECS promised that governmental agencies would take initiative in the formation of energy clubs in schools.  The session was presided over by Er. P. Sivasankaran, Er. N. K. Mohan delivered the keynote address.  Shri. M. G. Rajagopal, Dr. K. M. Nair, Mr. R. Ramachandran Pillai and Shri. R. Manoj felicitated the function.
  • 20 & 21-03-04: “Making of a Complete Teacher for the Development of the Whole Student” A 2-day orientation course for the lecturers of Engineering Colleges organized jointly by M.A College of Engineering and VMFT. Faculty included Dr. Devadas Menon, Dr. C. G. Ramachandran Nair, Dr. Jancy James, Dr. M. S. Balakrishnan Nair and Prof. Thomas Mathew.  The course aimed at developing appropriate communication skills amongst the lecturers and making the students a knowledgeable and useful individual.
  • 27 & 28-02-04: “Practical Earth Science Training for High School Geography Teachers” This 2-day course was arranged by VMFT in response to the reports by several principals and headmasters of high schools that Geography is one of the subjects in which the schools have maximum failure rates.  The course was conducted with the help of models, charts and a few practical demonstrations. Faculty included Dr. K. M. Nair, Dr. D. Padmalal, Dr. S. Chattopadhyaya, Dr. G. Mohan Kumar and Mr. John Mathai.
  • 4 & 6-10-02: “Programme on Research Methodology” This 3 day training was conducted for the benefit of students who intend to do research in Universities or students already enrolled for research.  The programme covered all disciplines in humanities and languages.  The faculty included Dr. N. A. Karim, Dr. M. Kunhamman, Dr. M. Bhaskaran Nair, Dr. A. Jammela Begum, Dr. M. A. Backer, Dr. P. S. Sarma, Dr. M. Panda and Ms. Suneetha Malla.

Trainings and Workshops

  •  23 & 24-7-06 “Chemistry Training Workshop For High School Teachers”Faculty- Dr.Zahir Bashir, Scientific Advisor to Saudi Arabia’s Basic Industrial Chemistry, Dr. Hisham Abdul Khader, Professor in Chemistry, S.K. University, Jordan. 22 teachers and 2 students attended the training.
  • 4 & 5-3-06Training Workshop in Geoscience for High School Teachers. Faculty- Prof. P. K. Rajendran Nair, Former Head of the Dept. of Geology, Kerala University, Sri M.R. Brahmanandan, Principal, Govt. Teachers Training College, Anchal, Dr. Rajesh Raghunath, Lecturer, Dept of  Geology, Kerala University, Sri M. Muraleedas, Scientist, CESS, Dr. K. M. Nair, VMFT. Thirty Teachers participated. Partly Funded by KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala. The training was organized to impart knowledge about the geological components in the High School Geography Syllabus.
  • 12 & 13-09-02 “Orientation Programme on Classroom Communication in English” This programme was conducted for the teachers of Muslim Association College of Engineering.  It aimed at giving an orientation to teachers of new generation engineering colleges that are keen on making their academic programmes strong in all aspects right from the beginning.  The faculty consisted of Dr. N. A. Karim, Dr. A. Jameela Beegam, Dr. R. S. Moni, Dr. C. G. Ramachandran Nair, Dr. M. S. Balakrishnan Nair and Prof. Thomas Mathew
  • 24 & 25-11-01 “Introductory Course on Better Communication in English” Organized in association with English Speaking Union.  52 participants (students, official’s et al.). Faculty consisted of Dr.N.A.Karim, Prof. Moothathu and Prof.   A. S. Balakrishnan.

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